Unlock success within the global cross reality industry.

PROJECTR® accelerates learning, growth and success for New Zealand’s cross reality startups. Our residents enjoy the support of many international XR leaders in our global community.
You can too.

Our story.

PROJECTR® Auckland is opening soon. We are establishing this centre to provide a place to create the best of New Zealand’s virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, platform solutions, hardware and applications. We are partnering with some of the leading brands in the international XR industry to provide this facility. We are looking for startups with a clear and bold vision – and a global focus.

What we do.

PROJECTR® Auckland is more than a co-working space. Yes, we can provide desks and immersive tech for you to use in your startup. We can also provide international mentorship, access to seed funds, venture capital and non-equity funding support.

PROJECTR® Auckland can host AR/VR industry events, showcase the best of our sector to international visitors. It’s the premium XR location to bring investors and clients.

Helping VR/AR startups succeed.

PROJECTR® Auckland is the home of successful cross reality startups. At launch, we have availability for up to six Student Intern residents and up to 12 Fulltime or Flexi-Desk Residents in our workspaces. If you are considering taking a seat in our Centre, please email us to arrange a time to discuss our offering and your business. We can advise on the pathway forward.

What PROJECTR Auckland residents benefit from.


Residents are invited to sign up for participation in collaborative projects using cutting edge immersive solutions in VR/AR/MR. Companies are welcome to contact us to propose problems for our residents to solve through immersive technologies.


We have a limited number of Fulltime & Flexi-Desk resident vacancies.
We provide VR equipment with private and showcase spaces. We allow up to six Student Intern residents to occupy space at no charge whilst completing their under- or post-graduate studies from Auckland tertiary institutions.


PROJECTR Auckland and our residents operate workshops and demo-days to showcase the latest applications and technology in virtual, mixed and augmented reality. We work closely with industry groups and corporate leaders to host broad industry events.

The Hall of Fame.

Residents of PROJECTR® Auckland will be announced during our launch phase.

Student Internships open now.

2018 Student Interns

Your 'secret' talent
Or you?
XR Champion
Your 'secret' talent
Or you?
XR Champion

Meet the PROJECTR team.