Work with world-leading Innovators

If you are selected to be one of our PROJECTR® Student Interns, you’ll be assimilated into our community, become part of our R&D teams, learn the ropes, the jargon and the stories. Get ahead.

Gain valuable skills in the cross-reality industry.

Learn to use the latest XR and spatial computing technology. Attend internal workshops on Unity and Unreal. Work alongside some of the finest minds in the XR sector. Complete your final year project or post-graduate research at our XR Centre. Become immersed.

Who are our current Student Interns?

Let us introduce you to PROJECTR's Student Interns

Student Intern

XR Talent

Student Intern

XR Student

Student Intern

XR Master

Being a PROJECTR Student Intern has awesome benefits.

You’ll enjoy privileged access to industry people, technology, projects, teachings and our advisor network.


Free Internet, coffee, printing, your own desk, plus access to our XR technology and rooms to undertake XR projects and complete your own research activity.


Participate in our collaborative projects to secure valuable technical skills. You may be selected to intern at our PROJECTR Taipei XR Center during 2019 (two positions).


Join in the revelry, the sharing of ideas, the workshops and tech testing. You may even end up working for our of our PROJECTR XR and tech startups.

Keen to join the club?